History Of Turkish Towels

The Peshtemal, a gift from Anatolian culture to the world, is a rectangular woven cloth used for covering the body in traditional Turkish baths. The peshtemal tradition survives today with its delicate texture, high absorbency fast drying and lightness come together with Basic Layers concept of production and design which brings authenticity to a universal platform.

With its timeless designs combining natural fabrics such as high-quality Turkish cotton and bamboo using state of the art looms, Basic Layers breaths new life into peshtemals and expands their areas of use.

Emerging from the Turkish bath ritual, the peshtemal appears in bathrooms, saunas, pools, gyms and at the beaches. It also becomes an essential part of our journeys, thanks to its space-saving delicate texture.

Our designs and colors are also appreciated for their elegance that brings the ease of use of our towels anywhere that people and water come together.

Basic Layers Turkish towel collection is complemented by bathrobes, hand towels, blankets, children ponchos and bathrobes and beach cover-ups.

The lightweight Turkish towels and bathrobes dry rapidly during the summer and are also occasionally used as morning gowns and beachwear. Our trendy colors make these towels possible to use as a pareo, shawl or scarf.

 We reach the best possible quality by weaving our products organically.